Recreation Facilities of Afrodisias

Afrodisias Recreation Facility

With an aim to offer you a very clean, decent facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology and nested with the nature, we have added a new investment to our current investments. Started to professionally operate as a pita salon and restaurant in Aydın, Karacasu district in 1989, we feel more than honored to render you services for 22 years with an indoor/outdoor restaurant, pita salon, mini club and recreation areas at the facility established on an area of 9.000sqm in 2010.

While enjoying the nature and the greenness as you have an open buffet breakfast including quite tasty organic products you may flip through the daily newspapers or check your e-mails at wireless internet section. We would be happy to welcome you at the Oriental corner accompanied by Turkish coffee, tea and hubble-bubble if you like. The fireside is at your service and the chefs offer you local dishes from all around Turkey. Fresh saltwater fish is grilled, roasted or steamed before it is served, depending upon your choice, along with organic green vegetables grown at our facility. A variety of kebab, pita and chicken dishes prepared with lamb butchered by veterinary surgeons and maintained and audited by food engineers are ideally served thanks to our 22 year experience in Meat Barbecue. The salad bar is at your service with very fresh green vegetables and special seasonings prepared by the chef. The pita oven is also at your service all day long with plain, lavas or open pita dishes.

Your well-being is valuable for us! Hygiene is a top priority throughout the facility.

You may also find a wide range of hand-made pots, decorative dishes and souvenirs unique to the region at the supermarket inside the restaurant.

Additionally special events such as graduation parties, engagement or wedding ceremonies or club dinners, etc. are held at the facility.

There are English-speaking full-time personnel available at the facility.

We are committed to entertaining you in the best possible way which is a pleasant task for us…

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